Real Estate Transfers

For most Canadians, buying or selling a home is the single biggest investment decision that they will make. It can be both an exciting and stressful decision. Vicki, a Notary Public, is a highly trained legal professional who can facilitate the legal transfer process (conveyancing), making it easy to understand and ensuring that is is done correctly and accurately.

According to an internal online survey conducted by the Society of Notaries Public of BC in May 2016, these are some of the common mistakes or misunderstandings among home buyers and sellers:
  • Not everyone realizes Notaries can complete real estate documentation;
  • Buyers do not know whether they qualify for a Property Transfer Tax exemption;
  • Many buyers are unfamiliar with all the costs and fees required to complete their purchase or sale;
  • Sellers are often unaware that GST is payable on top of the realtor commissions;
  • Many buyers and sellers are confused about the meaning of key dates: completion/closing date and adjustment/possession date;
  • Many people are not aware that Notaries prepare the mortgage documentation for the lender (bank or financial institution);
  • There is confusion around understanding how the property tax year and payment cycle is calculated.
To deliver Sterling Service, we walk each client through the details of their home purchase or sale, explaining the costs and fees, clarifying any potential risks. Every client
transaction is unique so each file is customized to meet the specific requirements of that client.

Mortgage Refinancing or Renewing

A mortgage refinancing or Home Equity loan allows you to leverage the value of your home to access funds for renovations, children's tuition, investment-or other lifestyle requirements. Sterling Notary understands the complexities of real estate financing and can advise you to make the process easier to understand and simple to complete.
Our goal is to ensure a thorough and hassle-free process for our clients.